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DHCA Response to MARTA Project

Last year, the DHCA was invited to comment on the Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative, a light rail project planned by MARTA and the Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association. MARTA sought community opinion about the project. The association’s transportation committee recently submitted feedback: DHCA Feedback on Clifton Corridor Transit Initiative. For more information about the project, please follow the additional links.

DHCA Supports Appeal

The board of the Druid Hills Civic Association has voted to support the appeal of a group of concerned citizens regarding the construction of an accessory structure at 1680 East Clifton Road. The DeKalb County Historic Preservation Commission recently approved a Certificate of Appropriateness for a two-bedroom, two-bath carriage house with a separate driveway and deck on this property. Neighbors believe the approval will establish a precedent that may ultimately destroy part of the remaining old-growth Piedmont Forest which continues to flourish behind several homes on East Clifton Road. The appeal to the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners is next Tuesday, January 27, 10am at the Maloof Auditorium. The public is welcome.


Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The Druid Hills Civic Association wishes you a Happy New Year. We hope you will celebrate by joining or renewing your membership for 2015.

During the past year, the DHCA has devoted much of its resources to an issue that is the most important challenge our neighborhood has faced since the Presidential Parkway controversy: cityhood and annexation. Our website features the most recent news and commentary about the options that exist in DeKalb County and the City of Atlanta.

We also continue to support neighborhood groups, including parks, and monitor zoning, planning, and historic preservation.

While we may disagree on various points, please consider that the Druid Hills Civic Association is an organization of volunteers that has kept faith with our community in two basic ways.

  • Preservation of the parks, streetscapes, and architecture which were central to the vision of the landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted;
  • Perpetuation of the essential residential nature of Druid Hills, minimizing commercial intrusion and high-density development.

At this time of year, many of us feel overwhelmed by requests for our beneficence. We hope that the Druid Hills Civic Association will be high on your list. After all, for 77 years we have represented the place where you live!


Thank you for your generosity and support.

DHCA Membership Committee

Happy Holidays!

While you’re busy celebrating, visiting, and entertaining at this time of year, we urge you to be especially vigilant about securing your home, car, and other property. During the past year, Druid Hills has seen an upswing in burglary and theft. Even the packages that are delivered to your front door could be stolen.

Please don’t leave anything unlocked, including your car doors. Don’t leave valuable items in your car. Be sure to set your alarm system each time you leave the house. Don’t talk or text while you’re in a parking garage or other public space; it is a distraction from what is happening around you. And keep in touch with your neighbors and the police about unusual occurrences.

We look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting on Sunday, February 8, 2015 at the Fernbank Museum. In the meantime, warm holiday wishes from the Druid Hills Civic Association!

A Poem Lovely as a Tree

TreesAtlanta Planting in Druid Hills

DHCA board member Frances Finegan participated in the plantings.

Druid Hills residents in Division 2 welcomed 36 young trees on a sunny Saturday morning, November 22. The planting was coordinated by Anne Wallace and led by Susan Pierce-Cunningham of Trees Atlanta, which provided trees, volunteers, and coffee as part of its NeighborWoods program. Experienced planters showed first-timers how to “free” the roots from the compacted soil in the container and how to gauge the depth of the hole needed by using a shovel handle to measure the root ball. On Friday, trees were delivered to each homeowner who placed an order and Arborguard brought buckets of mulch to finish off each planting. Each tree cost $60 with residents paying $30 and the Druid Hills Civic Association contributing $30. The deal was available only to DHCA members and many signed up! Thank you to all who participated. The DHCA plans to continue the program in 2015.


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