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Happy Holidays!

While you’re busy celebrating, visiting, and entertaining at this time of year, we urge you to be especially vigilant about securing your home, car, and other property. During the past year, Druid Hills has seen an upswing in burglary and theft. Even the packages that are delivered to your front door could be stolen.

Please don’t leave anything unlocked, including your car doors. Don’t leave valuable items in your car. Be sure to set your alarm system each time you leave the house. Don’t talk or text while you’re in a parking garage or other public space; it is a distraction from what is happening around you. And keep in touch with your neighbors and the police about unusual occurrences.

We look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting on Sunday, February 8, 2015 at the Fernbank Museum. In the meantime, warm holiday wishes from the Druid Hills Civic Association!

A Poem Lovely as a Tree

TreesAtlanta Planting in Druid Hills

DHCA board member Frances Finegan participated in the plantings.

Druid Hills residents in Division 2 welcomed 36 young trees on a sunny Saturday morning, November 22. The planting was coordinated by Anne Wallace and led by Susan Pierce-Cunningham of Trees Atlanta, which provided trees, volunteers, and coffee as part of its NeighborWoods program. Experienced planters showed first-timers how to “free” the roots from the compacted soil in the container and how to gauge the depth of the hole needed by using a shovel handle to measure the root ball. On Friday, trees were delivered to each homeowner who placed an order and Arborguard brought buckets of mulch to finish off each planting. Each tree cost $60 with residents paying $30 and the Druid Hills Civic Association contributing $30. The deal was available only to DHCA members and many signed up! Thank you to all who participated. The DHCA plans to continue the program in 2015.

DHCA Board Resolution

Dear Neighbors,

Last Wednesday evening, after much deliberation and consideration of the results of our recent survey, the DHCA board voted to endorse the call for a referendum on annexation into the City of Atlanta. Given the opinions expressed in the survey, this appears to be the question that needs to be answered by our residents in unincorporated DeKalb County.

Please understand that this is a two-part process. The DHCA is not advocating that annexation should occur. We are advocating that our residents have the opportunity to make that choice. Given the roughly equal split of opinion indicated by our survey, it would be inappropriate for the DHCA to take an advocacy position on this issue. Adopting either side — remain unincorporated or annex — would be abdicating our responsibility to represent the neighborhood as a whole. Read more

The DHCA Survey

We thank our Druid Hills neighbors for their participation in this important survey. The high response rate gives us confidence in its accuracy.

The initial report to the survey committee appears below. The results reveal three important facts:

  1. Residents oppose joining a new city.
  1. A slight majority of residents are interested in Atlanta annexation.
  1. A large minority of residents are interested in remaining in unincorporated DeKalb County.

A full analysis of the results will be posted to the website soon.

Druid Hills Survey Preliminary Report

Survey Results

The Druid Hills Civic Association would like to thank neighborhood residents for taking the time to complete its survey regarding annexation and cityhood. There was a high overall response rate which indicates the seriousness with which we all view this issue. The DHCA also thanks respondents for their appreciative comments.

The survey shows significantly greater and roughly equal support for the options of annexation to the City of Atlanta and remaining in unincorporated DeKalb County, with respondents decisively rejecting the option of being included in any new city. Druid Hills residents cited schools, taxes, services, preserving the historic district, and remaining in the same jurisdiction as Emory University as the main factors in their choices.

Further analysis is needed and will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

Thank you for your participation.


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