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Boards & Committees

Druid Hills Civic Association Officers

President: Justin Critz


First Vice President: Chris Hamilton


Administrative Vice President: Cathy Vandenberg


Communications Vice President: Claudia Keenan


Treasurer: Scott Storbeck


Secretary: Ken Gibson


DHCA Board of Directors

Class of 2014

Lee Barnes

Hugh Gallagher

Claire Gotham

Tommy Greene

Evan Lindsay

Lindsey Sones

Tysie Whitman

Class of 2015

Becky Evans

Frances Finegan

Tommy Gambrell

Sally Montgomery

Elise Riley

Joanna Stroud

Cynthia Waterbury

Class of 2016

Jim Boone

Jon Hart

Amy Howell

Jon Markham

Kathy Oglesby

Kelli Taylor

Thomas Winn

David Winston

Ex Officio & Standing Committees

Cityhood & Annexation Committee: Anne Wallace


DeKalb Civic Coalition (DCC): Judy Yates


Druid Hills News Editor: Jennifer Richardson


Freedom Park: Allen Bradley


HP Liaison for Historic District: Chris Leeth


HP Liaison for Atlanta Landmark District: OPEN


Land Use, Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation Committee: Jim Morawetz

Membership Committee: Frances Finegan & Sally Montgomery


Neighborhood Planning Unit: Jim Heerin; Alternate: Barbara Vogel


Parents Network: Elise Riley & Elizabeth Semancik White


Transportation Committee: Kathy Oglesby


Communications Administrator: Jenny McGuigan


Druid Hills Civic Association Division Chairs

Division 1 (City of Atlanta) Co-Chairs: Barbara Vogel & Tricia Elam


Division 2 Chair (Ponce corridor in DeKalb): Anne Wallace


Division 3 Chair (W. of Briarcliff & S. of University in DeKalb): Robert Vicevich


Division 4 Chair (Between Briarcliff, N Decatur & Lullwater Creek): Mike St. Louis


Division 5 Chair (Between Peavine Creek N. Decatur & RR Lines): OPEN

Division 6 Chair (W. of Briarcliff, N. of University & S. of Peachtree Creek): Danielle Parrington (

Division 7 Chair (“University” Streets west of Emory University): Sandra Thornton


Division 8 Co-Chair (Emory University, N. Decatur Rd to S. Peachtree Creek): Ron Foust


Division 9 Chair (DH Golf Course, Decatur fork of Peavine Creek & RR Lines): Steven Misner


Past Presidents

Bruce MacGregor

Cathy Vandenberg

Jim Morawetz


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