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Parents Network

The Druid Hills Parents Network

Welcome to the Druid Hills Parents Network- a network for parents and families created by parents. Are you looking for summer activities for your children? Do you want to find a playgroup for your son or daughter? Perhaps your daughter babysits and wants to get the word out. Have your children attended local schools and you feel like you could give good advice to others? The Druid Hills Parents Network is a portal for these needs and many more.

Joining the Druid Hills Parents Network (DHPN) is easy. First, you must live within the boundaries of Druid Hills and secondly, you must be a Druid Hills Civic Association (DHCA) member at any level. If you qualify for these, then you can register to have access on the members-only portion of the DHPN which includes a discussion forum.

We have a few events a year- a get together in the summer and a Halloween party. There’s always room for more. Contribute your ideas and information to the discussion board today. If you have any questions about the DHPN, please email


Eligibility for membership in the Druid Hills Parents Network requires that prospective members meet two criteria:

  1. Residency within the boundaries of the Druid Hills neighborhood (click here to view map),
  2. Membership in the Druid Hills Civic Association (your choice of membership level).


Request access to the DHPN Yahoo group by e-mailing Note: You need to be an active DHCA member to gain access to the forum.

If you are not currently a DHCA member, please apply for membership.


  • To enhance involvement and sense of community among Druid Hills families.


  • To facilitate communication among families.
  • To support community involvement.
  • To serve families with young children.



Discussion Forum and Email List
The Druid Hills Parents Network operates a discussion forum to facilitate communication among members. Popular uses are to share information about family activities, babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, and service contractors. All members are welcome to share information pertaining to families, children, or our neighborhood, or to ask for advice or recommendations.

Communication is key! Parents looking for information and opportunities can find information they need in the quarterly Druid Hills News. The Druid Hills News and website will provide regular updates, details about upcoming gatherings, as well as information and issues central to parenting in Druid Hills.



Good Neighbor
Welcoming new neighbors. Advocating for parents and children. Providing a supportive network to neighbors in need. That’s what a good neighbor is for. The Good Neighbor element of the Parents Network provides many opportunities for parents to gain the support they need. Initial ideas for this group include welcoming new neighbors with a quarterly brunch, visiting brand new parents, and helping neighbors convene to advocate for sidewalks or speed limit enforcement to keep kids safe. The Good Neighbor fosters supportive friendships among fellow Druid Hills residents.

Social Activities
The sky’s the limit! Social activities are a means of bringing neighbors together for family fun and celebration. Activities currently organized in Druid Hills include the historic annual July 4th parade and Druid Hills Day. The Parents Network can help organize new events as well as support these long-lasting community gatherings that make Druid Hills so special.

Partnering with Local Schools
So many wonderful schools are located within or adjacent to Druid Hills. Schools such as Paidia, Fernbank, The Glenn School for Young Children, and Druid Hills High School are all a part of our neighborhood and community —and they need our support! Partnering with schools enables parents to contribute to children’s academic experience. The Druid Hills Parents Network provides a means for communication and support of our local schools, both public and private.


Contact –

Playgroups throughout Druid Hills provide a tremendous resource for support and networking among neighborhood parents, particularly new Moms. Additionally, playgroups are an important part of social interaction for young children and their parents. Playgroups allow children the opportunity to meet their peers on a regular basis and help prepare children for more formal daycare and school situations. Playgroups also provide parents valuable time with other adults and the chance to get to know neighbors with children of similar ages. For new mothers and fathers, playgroups can be a wonderful way to touch base with other new parents, and for stay-at-home parents they offer fun social activities during the week.

The Druid Hills Parents Network is happy to help form neighborhood playgroups for whatever needs you may have (for example, a group might be centered around babies born between January and May, or we can pull together a week-end group for working parents, or a group for rising Fernbank Elementary kindergartners). We’ll be glad to help find others who share your interests or put you in touch with an existing group that meets your needs.


Each of the opinions stated in the discussion forum is that of the individual who posted it, and not of the DHCA.

IMPORTANT! Abuse of any of the following policies will result in banning the member from the Druid Hills Parents Network discussion forum:

The following are not allowed on this discussion forum:

  • Spam, jokes, religious, political, pornography, expletives or demeaning material.
  • Political endorsements (announcements of candidate forums and coffee hours are okay)
  • Advertising or promotion of business goods or services or properties for profit (exception: it is okay to advertise an apartment located in member’s primary residence, yard sales or children’s toys and equipment.)
  • Soliciting information on behalf of non-members (“I have a friend who needs…”)
  • The DHCA does not provide member emails to third parties, nor does it accept responsibility or liability for information provided in this discussion forum.

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