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Founded in 1938 to preserve the beauty, serenity, and unique heritage of the Druid Hills neighborhood.

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FLOCK  Security Cameras
Read about the DHCA Pilot Program to install FLOCK security cameras in Division 1 beginning August 20, 2018.

Public Safety Committee

The Druid Hills Public Safety Committee has been reinstated, chaired by Thea Roeser. The Committee will forward neighborhood safety concerns received to either the appropriate DHCA committee or to the correct departments at DeKalb County, City of Atlanta or Emory University and follow up for status updates. This committee is also working on multiple approaches to addressing crime within our community. Please send any neighborhood public safety concern to:  publicsafety@druidhills.org..

Click here to view the September, 2019 Neighborhood Crime Report. 

Neighborhood Watch Program

Volunteer to be a Street Captain
Neighborhood Watch is a system whereby neighbors act as the eyes and ears of law enforcement by watching each others’ homes — especially when they are away at work or on vacation. We believe that neighbors who know each other look out for each other, and that is our most effective method of deterring crime. The Druid Hills Civic Association has reinstated this crucial tool for neighborhood safety; to date we have 30 streets signed up.

To make this work, we need the following:

  • ·        Street captains for every street (two or three captains for very long streets) who will maintain a contact list for every house on the street.  (The list is shared with everyone on the list but not used for any purpose other than Neighborhood Watch.)
  • ·        Street captains are communicators only. They forward email alerts and crime prevention tips from the Neighborhood Watch Leader to their lists.
  • ·        If a crime does occurs, it is incumbent upon the victim to call the police, to post on nextdoor.com (if they so choose) and to notify their street captain (who will email the other neighbors as well as the Neighborhood Watch Leader).

Even though Nextdoor.com is great, your Neighborhood Watch includes contact/phone information for each house on your street — and peace of mind that your neighbors are watching out for each other — especially when out of town.

Note that you don’t have to belong to the Druid Hills Civic Association nor the Druid Hills Patrol. (However, we encourage you to join both.  If everyone joins the Patrol, it can extend its hours and its patrol area.)

Join the team! Contact us!  We will help you get started!

Public Safety Committee, Thea Roeser, publicsafety@druidhills.org
Neighborhood Watch Leader, Ellen Meshnick, neighborhoodwatch@druidhills.org.


P.O. Box 363, Decatur, GA 30031


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