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DHCA Path Letter - July 2016

07/28/2016 3:46 PM | Anonymous

The Druid Hills Civic Association recently facilitated a discussion between community stakeholders and the PATH Foundation regarding the proposed Lullwater Trail connecting Emory to the PATH Network at Freedom Park.  As a result of that meeting, the PATH Foundation, Inc. agreed to eliminate proposed plans A, B, C, C Alternate, and D that were presented at a DHCA sponsored  Town Hall Meeting on March 28, 2016.  The plans involved a proposed ten-foot wide multi-use trail and a four-foot buffer along Lullwater Road; some plans involved using private property and Lullwater Road right-of-way.  I am pleased to tell you those plans have been removed from the PATH website.

This agreement was the result of conversation between leaders of community stakeholder groups, directly affected because of their physical location along the proposed route, and The PATH Foundation, Inc.  The stakeholder groups’ representatives met to discuss the proposed bike plans connecting Freedom Park with Emory.  After listening to concerns, the group unanimously agreed to remove the biggest objections by eliminating the proposed plans from further consideration.  PATH representatives listened to the stakeholders’ needs and expectations as related to a potential design that may be acceptable to the neighborhood.  The PATH Foundation, Inc. has agreed to hire a third party design professional to work with the stakeholder organizations in order to develop potential alternative plans that combine the best of historic preservation with appropriate and safe walking, biking, and residential traffic.  This will occur via a workshop (aka “Design Charrette”) to be held in mid-August.

This productive group effort was an important positive step forward in a unified approach to preserving the Druid Hills historic community and removing the threat of an unsolicited intrusion.  The stakeholders are committed to searching for a mutually agreeable plan that is potentially acceptable and supports the long-standing Druid Hills Historic Guidelines.

The community stakeholder groups include:

  • The Druid Hills Civic Association
  • Olmsted Linear Parks Alliance
  • The Lullwater Estate Owners Association
  • The Paideia School
  • Lion’s Gate Homeowners Association
  • Lullwater Conservation Garden
  • Druid Hills Golf Club
  • Emory Village Alliance
  • Lullwater Preservation Coalition

Other groups to be consulted as options/designs are developed include:

  • DHCA Landmark District Preservation Committee
  • DHCA DeKalb Historic Preservation Committee
  • Georgia Department of Transportation
  • City of Atlanta Urban Design Commission
  • DeKalb County Historic Preservation Commission


Anne H. Wallace, President

Druid Hills Civic Association


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