Implementing our

2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Clarifying our role in

Druid Hills

The DHCA was founded in 1924 and over the years, it has served many roles for our neighborhood. As we start 2021, and implement our new strategic plan, we are defining exactly what we are aiming to be to our community of Druid Hills.

We are an advocacy group, and as such we will continue to advocate for Druid Hills and foster relationships with public officials and other organizations. Our aim is to influence policy and regulations that affect our neighborhood.

Although we cannot make decisions about zoning and land use, we will advocate for fair and consistent interpretation of guidelines and regulations.

We do not have authority over historical guidelines and regulations in Druid Hills but we have two committees dedicated to helping homeowners navigate them - one for each of our two historic districts.

Focusing our efforts to stay true to our mission

“Connect neighbors, foster civic engagement, and steward the neighborhood’s beauty.”

our new mission statement for the Druid Hills Civic Association

Defining our Areas of Focus

We will work to Conserve Our Natural Environment by protecting our creeks, rebuilding our tree canopy and increasing our neighborhood's participation in the Wildlife Sanctuary Certification Program.

We will Maintain and Protect our Built Environment by being a valued partner to homeowners navigating historic guidelines, zoning or land-use matters. We'll invest in amenities that will enhance our community such as adding Druid Hills signage at gateways to the neighborhood.

We want to Unite Residents and Build Community through opportunities for neighbors to network, enjoy a variety of planned community events, and give us input through a yearly listening survey. We want more neighbors to engage with our organization through membership and to regularly volunteer time in our beautiful neighborhood.

A big goal for the DHCA is to Keep Residents Safe by creating a proactive, multi-year Transportation Plan to address issues related to vehicles, public transit, bicycles and pedestrians. We'll partner with government agencies to seek funding and implement the plan. We'll also advance neighborhood safety by collaborating with the Druid Hills Patrol, and further strengthen our neighborhood watch program.

We will Consistently and Clearly Communicate to make sure residents are in-the-know about what's going on in Druid Hills. We are reorganizing our website so resources - like historic guidelines - are easy to find and understand.

Restructuring the Board

It’s time for us to reorganize our board structure, our committees, and our meetings so we can accomplish our goals, engage volunteers and partners, regularly rotate board leadership, and fairly represent the whole  neighborhood.

Please note: A District Representative may also be a Committee Chair, decreasing the total number of board members.

DHCA Committees

  • Communications
  • Finance (chaired by the Treasurer)
  • Governance
  • Membership
  • Parks & Greenspace
  • Preservation (2):
    • DeKalb Historic District (unicorporated DeKalb Co.)
    • Landmark District (City of Atlanta)
  • Public Safety (includes transportation)
  • Tour of Homes

Our Committees will be empowered to carry out their charters as laid out in the strategic plan without the need to involve the board in execution.

Each committee will submit a report prior to each board meeting.

DHCA Officers/ Executive Board

President • Vice President • Treasurer • Secretary

Our Executive Board (executive officers) will:

Set the agenda for board meetings using our new Standard Agenda and Dashboard format

Make decisions only in a time-bound emergency* 

 *If a decision is made by the Executive Committee, it must be ratified by a vote of the board at the board’s next meeting

Board Meetings

Board meetings will be streamlined by following a standard agenda and utilizing a dashboard which will ensure we stay focused on our goals and objectives.

Board meetings will include a public comment period so that residents will have the opportunity to raise concerns and share information that affects the neighborhood. 

Residents will need to contact the board secretary prior to the meeting to request a two-minute slot. Matters raised during the public comment period will be referred to the appropriate committee for follow up and action.

Want to learn more?

This pdf details the metrics we will use to measure our success in reaching our strategic plan goals.

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