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Founded in 1938 to preserve the beauty, serenity, and unique heritage of the Druid Hills neighborhood.

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DHCA officers, directors & Committees


President: Anne Wallace – (president@druidhills.org)

First Vice President: Andrew Keenan – (firstvp@druidhills.org)

Administrative Vice President: Ryan Graham – (adminvp@druidhills.org)

Communications Vice President: Fran Putney – (commvp@druidhills.org)

Treasurer: Tom McGuigan– (treasurer@druidhills.org)

Secretary: Ken Gibson – (secretary@druidhills.org)

DHCA Board of Directors

Class of 2018

Mike Walters
Becky Evans
Robert Hughes
Cynthia Waterbury
Andrew Keenan
Thea Roeser
Jennifer Moore

Class of 2019

Phil Moise
Rocky Atkins
Elise Riley
Alida Silverman
Dave Winston
Harriett Lane

Class of 2020

Rob Benfield
Kit Eisterhold
John Giegerich
Jan Jones
Chris Liggett
Sue Sullivan
Leon Van Gelderen

DHCA Standing Committees

Membership & Community Committee: Steven Mathias, chair  (membership@druidhills.org)

Governance: Phil Moise, chair (governance@druidhills.org)

Land Use, Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation Committee:  Kit Eisterhold, chair (landuse@druidhills.org)
Liaison, DeKalb County HPC: Kit Eisterhold (dekalbhistoric@druidhills.org)
Liaison, Atlanta Landmark District: Jan Jones (atlantahistoric@druidhills.org)
Atlanta NPU: Carol Sleeth (npu@druidhills.org)

Tour of Homes & Gardens: Ryan Graham, chair (tour@druidhills.org)

Transportation Committee: Van Biesel, chair (transportation@druidhills.org

DHCA Special Committees & Task Forces

Parents Network: Ginger Ann Clark & Emily Webb (parents@druidhills.org)

Public Safety: Thea Roeser, chair (publicsafety@druidhills.org)

Druid Hills News: Susan Baker, Managing Editor; Jennifer J. Richardson, Editor (editor@druidhills.org

DHCA Division Chairs

Division 1 (City of Atlanta) Co-Chairs: Justin Critz & Sharon Day (div1chair@druidhills.org)

Division 2 (Ponce corridor in DeKalb) Chair:  Yvette Weatherly (div2chair@druidhills.org)**

Division 3 (W. of Briarcliff & S. of University in DeKalb) Chair: Allan Ballard (div3chair@druidhills.org)**

Division 4 (Between Briarcliff, N Decatur & Lullwater Creek) Chair: Mike St. Louis (div4chair@druidhills.org)**

Division 5 (Between Peavine Creek N. Decatur & RR Lines) Chair: Renee Nelson (div5chair@druidhills.org)

Division 6 (W. of Briarcliff, N. of University & S. of Peachtree Creek) Chair: Darin Engle (div6chair@druidhills.org)

Division 7 (“University” Streets west of Emory University) Co-Chairs: Sandra Thornton & Steven Mathias (div7chair@druidhills.org)

Division 8 (Emory University, N. Decatur Rd to S. Peachtree Creek) Co-Chairs: Ron Foust & Van Biesel (div8chair@druidhills.org)

Division 9 (DH Golf Course, Decatur fork of Peavine Creek & RR Lines) Chair: Steven Misner (div9chair@druidhills.org)

DHCA Past Presidents

Cathy Vandenberg
Justin Critz
Bruce MacGregor
Richard P. Shuey

*Looking for a chair

**Looking for a co-chair


P.O. Box 363, Decatur, GA 30031


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