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The Druid Hills Public Safety Committee is chaired by Doug Rollins. Please send any neighborhood public safety or transportation concerns to: Visit our Public Safety Page to learn more about what we are doing to combat crime.

The Wheels of Progress Are Really Turning!

We’re pleased to see progress on our eastern and southern borders with DeKalb and GDOT each moving ahead with improvements.

Mini-roundabouts on N Decatur Road

The intersections of Springdale and Oakdale Roads with N Decatur Rd have consistently been the locations with some of the highest crash rates in DeKalb County in recent years.  This reflects the inherent danger of busy intersections with 2-way stops on a roadway where speeding is routine, where green traffic lights can be seen ahead (at Oxford and Briarcliff Roads), and where speed enforcement by police is logistically complicated.  In addition, multiple vehicle-on-pedestrian collisions have occurred at these intersections.

Because this section of N Decatur Rd is designated a minor arterial, speed control and safety engineering options are limited compared to residential streets.  DeKalb County therefore elected to install mini-roundabouts at these two intersections, with raised "splitter islands" extending into each section roadway leading into and out of the roundabout.  At this moment in early February 2023, only part of the splitter islands have been installed for the past several weeks, leading to questions and speculation on neighborhood social media. However, while neither DHCA nor any neighbors have control over implementation of the complete roundabout plan, we anticipate the mini-round abouts to be installed soon.  We encourage drivers to approach the intersections slowly and carefully, avoiding the splitter islands to minimize any tire damage, and of course, to give pedestrians the right of way that is required by law.

Ponce de Leon at Ridgecrest and at N. Parkwood

Ponce de Leon will see improvements at both Ridgecrest and at North Ponce. Ridgecrest is transforming into a right in/right out only intersection and GDOT has already installed bollards down the center of Ponce. Please be mindful as you round this curve.  At North Ponce, GDOT is placing curbs and crosswalks to make this dangerous intersection significantly safer for those trying to cross North Ponce from Deepdene Park. We are thankful that GDOT heard our appeals to reduce vehicle speeds, improve pedestrian safety and reduce cut through traffic on Ridgecrest and look forward to this project’s completion in the coming months.

Download the plans for North Decatur traffic calming here.


Roundabouts in our future?

The DHCA has been lobbying for reductions in vehicular speed on Ponce de Leon to improve overall safety. The Public Safety Committee has been following conceptual changes being considered for Ponce de Leon at key intersections as it meanders through Druid Hills. 

At a recent meeting, GDOT shared several options which include potential changes to the intersections at East Lake Rd, Ponce de Leon Manor and at the Ponce /Scott Blvd split.  They are also shared improvements under consideration at Ponce and Ridgecrest.

See the GDOT presentation.


DHCA Has Learned That Most Streets Make Re-paving list

Many of us have been frustrated by the slow pace of waterline replacement over the past 18 months and have expressed concern about whether and when the streets will be properly repaved.  Your DHCA has learned that while the vast majority of impacted streets will be repaved, there are a few that did not make the list.  As we understand, streets are being repaved using SPLOST funding and there was enough funding to cover the first 300 miles of streets in disrepair. 

We have sent this formal communication to the DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond and our Commissioner Jeff Rader requesting that all streets impacted by waterline replacement be re-paved and we implore you to do the same. 


Have you seen the red tubes being buried along certain roads in the neighborhood?  Georgia Power is burying some power lines as part of its grid investment plan which will impact streets throughout Druid Hills.  See map below and FAQs regarding the project rationale, the impacts, the potential for paid easements and more.

SEPT 15, 2020 : GDOT seeks input for Ponce de Leon Corridor safety improvements!  Virtual Meeting Sept 29th 6pm-8pm.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is conducting a planning effort to analyze possible intersection safety improvements on the Ponce de Leon corridor from Moreland Avenue to Clairmont Road.  Possible intersection improvements may include roundabouts, additional left turn lanes in both the eastbound and westbound directions, and more. This is as a result of community feedback and solutions that we received during a May 2019 workshop.

GDOT is holding a series of virtual meetings in September. Each one will be tailored to the participants highlighting the benefits and considerations of each of the proposed improvements. Please mark your calendars for September 29th from  6pm- 8pm  to  attend this virtual meeting and provide your feedback concerning this project.  Please RSVP as soon as possible, to  A video link for the workshop will be shared following RSVP.

2020 Resurfacing Project: Briarcliff from Briarcliff place to North Druid Hills

The resurfacing project on Briarcliff will extend from Briarcliff Place (just north of Ponce) to North Druid Hills, then extend down North Druid Hills to Buford Highway. It was originally scheduled to be resurfaced later this year but was moved to December 2021 in order to accommodate DeKalb County's water line replacement schedule.  Our mutual goal is to reduce the likelihood of needing to cut into new pavement)

January 2019Atlanta Electric Scooter Ordinance

The city of Atlanta passed this ordinance in Jan. 2019. Read the breakdown of the ordinance here: 

 City of Atlanta  Electric Scooter Ordinance 

MARTA Presentation  on Clifton Corridor Transit
MARTA representatives presented an update on the Clifton Corridor transit plan  during the June 2018 DHCA Board meeting .  Click here to view the  information in the  Power Point presentation  made to the community.

Clifton Corridor Bike Ped Connectivity Study
Information from the Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting,, June 20, 2018

N. Decatur Road Traffic Safety Study

On June 21, 2018 representatives from DeKalb County made a community presentation regarding the dangerous intersections of N. Decatur Road from Lullwater to Briarcliff Roads.  Click here to view the document presented.  

Bicycle Infrastructure & Use Information
In April committee member Van Biesel created and presented comprehensive information about bicycle use and current infrastructure in Druid Hills.  The presentations are available here:

Bicycle Infrastructure Presentation Part 1
Bicycle Infrastructure Presentation Part 2


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